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02 2002

PEM von Angela Dorrer

Munich, 27 February 2001

Riemer Runde with Angela Dorrer
PEM - A Messestadt Ritual

Tuesday, 19 March 2002 at 7pm
in the 'Bewohnertreff', Erika-Cremer-Strasse 3, Munich, Messestadt Riem

The Munich artist Angela Dorrer (born 1969) developed PEM - Personal_Event_Management - specially for Messestadt. In this game-like communication model for a Messestadt ritual, each PEM Manager organises a day in the life of a 'candidate' of his or her choice. On the basis of five 'activity modules' and with the help of an 'activity suitcase' candidates are encouraged to enjoy the 'perfect day'. In this way, PEM generates new possibilities for personal experience, with the artist acting as coach and presenter for Messestadt residents.

Personal items from each PEM Day are preserved in Messestadt with the aim of strengthening the suburb's sense of community. On 19 March the artist, PEM Managers and their candidates will report on the first PEM Days and encourage others to spend time 'intensively and free of care, doing what you always wanted to do', as Dorrer puts it.

At an international street party held in Messestadt on 30 June 2001 six PEM cases were given to various local organisations. People wishing to borrow them should contact the 'Kofferkomitee' (case committee), the members of which are drawn from those who run the residents' meeting place, from Autofrei Wohnen & WOGENO, from the local Catholic community, family centre and primary school, and from Quax/ Echo e.V. (tel. +44(0)89-94379849).

For several years Dorrer has been investigating forms of networking and interpersonal relations in a wide variety of ways. She examines how we establish and present communities. She creates, for example, opportunities and instructions for organising parties and for interaction between two individuals. On 19 March she will also talk about her other projects. Dorrer helped institute the Angels programme of lothringer13, which curates LADEN, a new forum for media experimentation.

For further information and visual material, please call +44(0)89-94379849 or write to, or