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03 2002

re:site projects by Felix S. Huber and Florian Wüst

Presentation of re:site projects
a media art project by Felix S. Huber and Florian Wüst

Press conference: Tuesday, 22 April 2002 at 11am
Infobox, Willy-Brandt-Allee 1, Messestadt Riem, Munich

kunstprojekte_riem invites you to attend the presentation of re:site projects, a media art project devised for Munich's Messestadt by Felix S. Huber and Florian Wüst in association with Daniel Burckhardt. Physical and social change is taking place at an extraordinarily rapid pace in Messestadt. The artists wish to document these developments and offer residents opportunities to relate more closely to the new suburb.

Re:site projects combines live video images of Messestadt with movie clips and texts generated interactively on the internet. The real-time video images are recorded at two clearly marked public sites, the first at the north-west exit of the U-Bahn station Messestadt West, the second between the Grünwerkstatt and the Quax youth centre on Helsinki-Promenade. Clips from famous movies are mixed with pre-recorded video sequences of workshops conducted with young Messestadt residents. These images can be viewed on monitors installed in the streets of the suburb, on two screens at Messestadt West U-Bahn station and on the internet at

press conference 22. April 2002 at 11am
inauguration 23. April 2002 at 7pm
place Infobox, Willy-Brandt-Allee 1
Messestadt Riem, Munich
The artists will be present

locations of re:site projects camera 1 and monitor: Willy-Brandt-Allee at
U-Bahn station Messestadt West, north-west exit
camera 2: between the Grünwerkstatt and the Quax youth centre, Helsinki-Promenade
projection screens: platform of U-Bahn station Messestadt West
The installations are accessible to the public

Further information kunstprojekte_riem
Dr Claudia Büttner and Christina Kaufmann
Erika-Cremer-Strasse 3, 81829 Munich
tel. +44(0)89-94379849, fax +44(0)89-94379845

The project is supported by M''net, Synergy and Echo e.V.