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11 2001

So wohnen wir by Pia Lanzinger

Wednesday, 19 December 2001, 7pm
in the new residents' meeting place, Lehrer-Wirth-Strasse 14, Messestadt Riem

In 'So wohnen wir' (This is how we live) Pia Lanzinger has encouraged communication among residents at a domestic level. She organised tours in Messestadt during which a small number of residents showed their homes to their neighbours, offering an unusual perspective on a wide variety of lifestyles and tastes. The tours generated communication among neighbours that transcended purely aesthetic considerations to involve social, cultural and personal issues.

The artist will be presenting 'Schönes Wohnen in der Messestadt Riem' (Beautiful homes in Messestadt Riem), a magazine in which she uses homes in Messestadt to provide a survey of a wide variety of lifestyles and interior decoration. In formal terms, the magazine in many ways resembles commercial publications devoted to interior design, but its content differs radically. Commercial house and garden magazines generally report on the world of the wealthy and privileged and are read by people who can only dream of living in such surroundings. 'Schönes Wohnen in der Messestadt Riem', by contrast, focuses on the homes of local residents, who take the place of the 'experts' who offer advice in commercial publications. In this way, the magazine combines the attractive appearance and lavishness of its commercial counterparts with real-life furnishings and interior decoration.

The magazine also contains contributions by the artists Isa Rosenberger (Vienna) and Andrea Knobloch (Düsseldorf), an interview with Karl-Heinz Röpke, the architect of the Galeriahaus in Messestadt, and a conversation with the critic Jochen Becker (Berlin) about Munich's satellite towns. 'Schönes Wohnen in der Messestadt Riem' is an editioned work of art, conceived by kunstprojekte_riem and realised by Pia Lanzinger in cooperation with Andrea Naica-Loebell and local residents.

kunstprojekte_riem invited artists to devise projects for Messestadt related to this year's theme, 'Wohnwelten' (residential worlds). In the summer, works by Kathrin Böhm and Stefan Saffer, Fortuyn/O'Brien, Angela Dorrer, Pia Lanzinger and Antje Schiffers concluded the first phase. This was followed in October by installations by Laura Kikauka and Fortuyn/O'Brien and the presentation of a project by Jef Geys. Pia Lanzinger is winding up the series with her magazine and a video about the tours of homes in Messestadt that took place in the summer.

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