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The Department for Public Appearances

‘How do people feel about Messestadt Riem?’. The group of artists calling themselves the Department for Public Appearances in Messestadt Riem asked local inhabitants to speak out in answer to this question.
The project focuses on developing of a new way of gauging public opinion. The Department for Public Appearances has produced five sets of cloth banners in different colours with which residents can express the following opinions: ‘I love Messestadt Riem’, ‘It’ll all come right in the end’, ‘Yes, but...’, ‘Here today, gone tomorrow’ and ‘Messestadt Riem– no thanks’.
Residents were called on to display the banner of their choice from a window in their home. The opinions articulated in this way added up to a public image of attitudes in Messestadt Riem that can be clearly apprehended by everyone.
During the project, local inhabitants were asked what they think of this manner of gauging public opinion. The results of these enquiries, and of the banner displays, were announced at the end of the event.

Autumn 2003

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