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02 2003

The experiment is to be continued only until the end of 2003

kunstprojekte_riem has realised over twenty art projects in the space of three years and has attracted favourable attention in Germany and abroad. It will cease activity at the end of 2003 because the Munich city authorities have decided to re-allocate funds.

Munich City Council has accepted the suggestion of its officer for cultural affairs, Lydia Hartl, and is extending the experiment of creating art for the new suburb of Messestadt by only one year (which is to be used for documentation). The EUR 1.8 million remaining from the money set aside for kunstprojekte_riem - almost half the original budget - will be used to fund art produced in connection with the federal gardening exhibition, the BUGA, which is being held in Munich in 2005. Hartl's predecessor, Julian Nida-Rümelin, who had vehemently opposed the BUGA organiser's request for sums of this order at a council meeting on 25 November 2000, granted the organisation only DM 0.5 million.

In 1998 experts awarded art historian Claudia Büttner first prize in a competition for plans to create art for Messestadt. They recommended the City Council to implement her seven-year plan. As head of kunstprojekte_riem, Büttner has spent three years in Messestadt instituting projects and events for a suburb with a present population of 2,500. Over twenty works by twenty-nine acclaimed artists from Germany and abroad have involved interactive projects with local residents, temporary installations, media art, photography and permanent sculptures. kunstprojekte_riem has also devised three projects enabling a total of forty-eight students to create work for Messestadt.

The two women who run kunstprojekte_riem are preparing a documentary publication on its work and are organising an international conference on art in urban development areas. Projects in progress, including Karin Sander and Lützow 7's designs for a public space and Mauricio Dias and Walter Riedweg's work in cooperation with the staff and pupils of the Schulzentrum München Ost, will be completed. Planning has also begun for works to be carried out in the coming year.

Claudia Büttner, curator of kunstprojekte_riem, will be happy to provide further information or give interviews.