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02 2000

Public art for the Messestadt Riem. A project of the city of Munich

The 'Messestadt Riem' is being constructed on the grounds of the former Munich airport, an outer district within the city right next to the 'Neue Messe' (New Munich Trade Fair) from which the Messestadt received its name. 'Öffentliche Kunst' (art in the public interest) will take the place of 'Kunst am Bau' (art in architecture programme). For this endeavor the city of Munich appointed art historian Dr. Claudia Büttner to complete and implement the concept that she developed. Supervised by the Munich 'Kulturreferat' (Cultural Department), in September 1999 the curator started her work, which at the moment is designed to last three years. She then began researching, organizing, planning artistic intentions, and setting up the project office.

The concept of kunstprojekte_riem takes the public contract seriously. Here, art does not serve to decoratively design the urban space, but orients itself to the residents. It accompanies the development of the Messestadt, whose population should rise to 16,000 inhabitants, and contributes to the development of an autonomous character for this part of town. Artists have developed numerous forms of expression over the past decade for this kind of work in public space: they create locations and crystallization points of public life with installations and functional sculptures. They design catalysts for social processes and offer the residents of the Messestadt a chance to make this part of town their own using communicative structures, documentary-oriented research and participation processes.

Over the next few years, kunstprojekte_riem will invite artists to get involved in the situation on location and to have selective discussions with their versatile clientele, the citizens of the Messestadt. In projects, of which some are calculated to last several years, they will take certain aspects of life in the newly developed area and deal with them artistically. In addition, there are annual themes of interest in which several projects will be realized. In 2000, the theme is 'Stadtmarken' ('Citymarks'): these define the external outline of the Messestadt. In 2001, 'Living' is the focal point and in 2002, attention is directed toward public life in the Messestadt.

The artistic intentions will be accompanied by a series of open discussions called Riemer Runde; (Riem Roundtable). In order to imbed art in the cultural and social activities of the district, the roundtable offers artists and citizens a forum of dialogue, guarantee the transparency of artistic intentions, and integrate everyone participating in the projects. At the first meeting a festival for the Messestadt was planned for September 2000. This festival will mark the start of the first implementations of art.

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