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06 2003

‘like it/like it not...’ by Sissel Tolaas
Installation and new perfume

Saturday, 5 July 2003
Promenade, Messestadt Riem, during the street party
‘beautyspy’, Fünf Höfe, Maffeistrasse 6, Munich

How does Messestadt Riem smell in the spring? Is the scent of flowering fruit trees and beds of flowers, and the aroma of culinary delights, stronger than the smell of cement, mortar and petrol? To find out, the Norwegian artist Sissel Tolaas (born 1959) has created a variant of her first ‘Messestadt perfume’. In this project, named ‘like it/like it not...’, she addresses the rapid rate of change during the building of this new suburb.

Tolaas’s first perfume was dominated by smells associated with construction work, but her variant reflects the increasing importance of the natural world and culture in Messestadt. As before, the perfume can be sampled at machines (located near the Messestadt lake and on the Promenade) that play recorded descriptions of the scent in various languages spoken by Messestadt residents. The artist derived the unusual names marking the bottled edition of her perfume and the posters accompanying it from these descriptions.

From 5 July the bottles of perfume and the poster will be available in limited editions at ‘beautyspy’, a shop in the Fünf Höfe mall at Maffeistrasse 6 in the centre of Munich.

for further information, contact
Promenade street party
Dr Claudia BŁttner, Christina Kaufmann
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tel. +44(0)89-94379849, fax +44(0)89-94379845

Fünf Höfe
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